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The Cleaning Industry is Booming over the Past Year

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10:26 AM

Cleanliness is the key to keeping any environment prosperous and healthy. A society can only prosper if its sanitary needs are in check. Likewise, it can only move forward if all the health hazards are kept at bay. Otherwise, they can pose health-related issues that ultimately affect the environment negatively.

The cleaning business is a profitable industry that is growing and flourishing beyond measure. Things have started taking a huge turn for the last couple of years, especially in 2020. While the world was fighting off the deadly pandemic (still is) and everyone was confined to their homes, the cleaning industry soared high.

  • Above-Average Growth of the Cleaning Industry

The Bureau of Labour Statistics suggests that the average growth of the cleaning industry, or any other business, as a matter of fact, is about 7% per year. However, in 2020, the cleaning industry has seen a whopping growth in its business.

Stats show that the cleaning industry has been successful in inducing multiple jobs last year. About a 10% growth in job opportunities was seen in 2020.

  • Growth in Job Opportunities

As mentioned in the previous section, the cleaning industry is booming, inviting many unemployed people to join in different job opportunities. In the year 2020, every cleaning company has seen a boost in the annual employee turnover rate of about 2%. Currently, over 1.7 million people are working as janitors and cleaning specialists.

However, the job market is likely to rise up to 6.6% every year because of the thriving state of the cleaning industry.

  • Earnings Recorded in 2020

The percentage of outsourcing cleaning services was about 15% in the year 2018; however, it later jumped up to 24% the following year.

Last year, the cleaning industry saw an evident boom in these numbers, despite the pandemic. In 2020, it was suggested to offer green cleaning services so that companies can remain competitive. As a result, the cleaning industry saw a whopping change last year, and it keeps on growing since then.

  • Contract Cleaning Service Market

The cleaning industry is growing rapidly. We have seen a swift rise in the numbers in the last couple of years. The contract cleaning service market size had seen a huge difference in 2020. At this rate, it is safe to say that the market has been performing better than ever.

Food for Thought

We are facing a pandemic, where everyone is sceptical of stepping outside because of the deadly virus. It is important now more than ever to clean your vicinity.  Go for a thorough sweep in your workspace and disinfect your home simultaneously. If we are to fight off this life-sucking virus, we need to ensure that our environment is cleaner than ever. This is only possible if regular cleaning is observed.

According to Safe Work Australia, cleaning and disinfecting go hand in hand. Cleaning before disinfecting is way more important than you think. Only when you have gotten rid of the dirt and grime can you properly get rid of the germs that may have accumulated over time.

Final Word

Just like any other business industry, the cleaning industry highly contributes to the global economy. We have been seeing a vivid rise in the numbers for several years now. It is predicted that they are going to soar higher in the upcoming years.