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Machine Cleaning

Sweeping, Scrubbing, Walk Behind, Narrow Access

To be OH&S compliant, businesses are required to provide a clean and safe environment for their employees and reduce the risk for visitors.

Dirty concrete floors, whether in warehouses, showrooms or multilevel car parks with leaves and litter, grime, dust, spills, grease, chemicals, oil, fork lift residue and slippery conditions, are unsightly, unsafe and can be a health hazard for staff, clients and the public.

We clean:

  • Warehouses/factory floors
  • Outdoor asphalt car parks
  • Indoor multilevel car parks
  • Large hard surfaces areas, indoor and outdoor
  • Road surfaces
  • Flood recovery

Berkeley Cleaning Services is Australia’s most experienced concrete floor cleaner.  We transform floors with our time-proven unique Berkeley system, state of the art ride-on technology and expert machine operators.

We guarantee that whatever and wherever your concrete floor is, we will make it the cleanest it can possibly be. You can be assured that floors will be OH&S compliant and a pleasure to walk on and work with. Importantly, we know that your brand or image is reflected in the image you present to staff and especially the public. Freshly scrubbed and shined concrete floors are an important reflection of that image.

Our Ride-on Sweepers and Scrubbers

  • State of the Art American-made machines are engineered for reliable, industrial strength ride-on sweeping and scrubbing.
  • The sweepers effectively pick up different types of debris from fine sand to litter and broken glass, with high tensile rotating brushes with virtually no airborne dust.
  • A unique high pressure Hydra cleaning system allows concrete to be cleaned without solvents and other chemicals.
  • The 3 stage dust control system traps minute dust particles as small as .5 microns, improving air flow filtration and dust control, meeting strict EPA standards.
  • A low 80 dBA noise rating is lower than the sound of a lawnmower.

Of course we also do a range of other commercial and industrial cleaning, all with the same professional attention to detail and outstanding service in the most affordable way.

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Floor sweeping & floor scrubbing machine – Melbourne

These days, all public areas and facilities require strict OH&S compliance rules to be followed, particularly when it comes to ensuring a safe and clean space. Our floor sweeping and scrubbing machine service in Melbourne will ensure all concrete/tiled floor areas are cleaned to the highest industry standard - removing all dust, dirt, grime, liquid and oil spills.

Whether it’s an asphalt multi-level carpark, industrial warehouse facility, food and beverage establishment, automotive workshop or residential development, Berkeley Cleaning Services will ensure your workspace is swept, cleaned and scrubbed using the latest concrete floor cleaner solutions, equipment and machinery advancements.

As Australia’s most trusted cleaning service, you can feel confident our machine operators will deliver a first class finish to every project. 

Protect your investment with the latest industrial floor sweepers, floor cleaning machines & floor scrubbers – Hire your one today!

At Berkeley Cleaning Services, we have been supplying local businesses with a diverse range of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment for over 15 years. Our floor sweeping machine hire and scrubbing machine hire service in Melbourne is quick, easy and affordable. It’s the ideal solution to keeping your premises meticulously clean all year round.

Choose from different packages to suit your personal requirements, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly hire. In fact, you know your business better than we do so we’re happy to work around your needs in whatever capacity we can. Not only will our industrial equipment help you maintain a spotlessly clean environment, it provides protection and safety to patrons and employees while reducing general maintenance costs.  

Why choose Berkeley Cleaning Services?

  • We supply high quality commercial & industrial machinery equipment
  • Our team provides ongoing training to help you navigate the machines onsite
  • Comprehensive after sales support & customer service
  • Repairs, maintenance & servicing included in all our hire packages


Berkeley Cleaning Services provides the best floor sweeping machine and scrubbing machine hire in Melbourne. Find out more by getting in touch with us on  (03) 8401 5100 and see how we can help keep your premises sparkling clean.