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Cool Room Cleaning

Cold Storage, Cool Rooms, Ripening Rooms

Berkeley Cleaning Services specialise in the deep cleaning of large and small cool rooms, cold storage facilities and ripening rooms for fresh produce in wholesale and retail industries.

We understand the importance of deep cleaning  and know how important it is that strict health and safety regulations are met.

At Berkeley Cleaning Services we offer a complete cleaning service using the safest food grade cleaning products to remove and control mould and mildew.

"100% cool room clean independently lab tested and verified by AgriFood Technology 18 September 2017"

Anthony Holman - Ten Farms Managing Director

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Cool Room Cleaning - Before

Cool Room Cleaning - After

Cool Room Cleaning - Before

Cool Room Cleaning - After

Affordable Cool Room Cleaning - Melbourne

Cool room refrigeration is an important element for a wide variety of industries such as food and beverage facilities, wholesalers and retailers. At Berkeley Cleaning Services, we specialise in cool room cleaning all over Melbourne including small and large cool rooms, cold storage facilities, ripening rooms and other refrigeration areas.

Because food is often stored in these facilities, over time it can start to smell if things aren’t sealed properly; and with with food particles becoming lodged inside the freezer unit on a regular basis, it can potentially cause a myriad of problems later down the track.

Our reputable cleaning team understands the importance of regular cool room cleaning, with a strong focus on OH&S protocols and meeting strict industry health standards. To ensure food preparation is done safely and is managed in the best way possible, Berkeley Cleaning Services will endeavour to remove every bit of mould, mildew and food crumbs efficiently. Whether it’s on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule, we’ve got your all cleaning needs covered.

Outstanding cleaning results at affordable rates

Berkeley Cleaning Services is Australia’s most experienced cool room cleaning service in Melbourne and nationally. We guarantee that whatever needs cleaning, whether big or small, our expert team of cleaners can handle it and provide you with the best industry rates.

We understand that cleaning is a vital component to any successful business. If you have the right team on board that can trust to do a great job, then you’re already in the winner’s seat. One of the benefits of working with us is our comprehensive cleaning experience and industry knowledge. Furthermore, we’re proud to be recognised as the leading ‘go to’ cleaning company Melbourne wide – providing outstanding service wherever we go.

If high quality cleaning is a priority for your business, Berkeley Cleaning Services will exceed your expectations with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our one-stop integrated cleaning service is unbeatable across the industry.

Keep on top of all your cool room cleaning needs in Melbourne. Get in touch with Berkeley Cleaning Services on (03) 8401 5100 and find out how we can help.