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Top 5 reasons to always get an invoice and not pay cash to your cleaners

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09:28 AM

If you have hired a cleaner to do a job, it is highly recommended that you get an invoice and not pay them in cash. This is because an invoice serves as a legal agreement that is enforced to be paid by the client. It is the safest option to ensure the payment as it provides documentation of the delivered services as well as any overdue payment.

An invoice is made by the company finalising the products and services provided and the amount that is to be paid by the client. It is usually upgraded before the service starts and is paid in full as soon as it’s delivered as promised.


Why Should You Get an Invoice?

The following are the reasons why you should get an invoice instead of paying in cash:

·        Credibility

An invoice is made to serve legal purposes. When you make an invoice and pay your cleaners on time, not only does it do the job, but it also helps strengthen your credibility. Once the cleaner you hired delivers their end of the bargain, it is strongly advised that you get an invoice and pay them in full for their services.

·        Avoid Additional Cost

Once you get an invoice made, you need to pay it as soon as you can. This way, there are no additional costs for you to pay, and the process concludes smoothly. Paying a cleaning company via invoice is a great way to ensure that the services are top-notch, as you can hold them accountable if something is not done up to the mark.


How Can Cleaning Companies Ensure Timely Payment?

Cleaning companies should have a systematic approach once they decide to provide their services. Here are some of the ways they can ensure timely payment:

·        Use Invoice

Using an invoice is a great way of ensuring that clients pay on time. Getting an invoice binds them to deliver the payment in the promised time period. If someone tries to back out, companies have the right to pursue legal proceedings.

·        Send a Quote

Even before the companies deliver their services, they send a quote with all the details that are required to finish the job. Be it the amount of time required or pricing per square foot, a detailed quote can make things easier and clearer for both parties.

·        Send Detailed Invoices on Time

If you want to be paid on time, you are required to send a detailed invoice on time, so there’s no confusion, and your client can pay you the promised amount.

Always remember, the more detailed the invoice is, the easier the process is. There is little to no room for disagreements as everything is written down and agreed upon. The cleaners can deliver their immaculate services to the client, and the clients can pay them in a timely manner. It is a win-win situation!