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Just Because You Have Office Cleaners Doesn’t Mean Staff Shouldn’t Clean up After Themselves

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10:59 AM

The typical work arrangement that we are used to is a 9-5 office job. And when you are spending 1/3rd of your day at a certain place, it is no longer the place where you work.

Your office is where you eat and socialise with other co-workers and may even host other stakeholders' boardroom lunches.

So when a lot is happening at your workplace, why not show the same attachment as your home? Why not keep it clean?

Office Cleaners May Have a Job

Many employees answer this question by saying that it is the office cleaner's job to maintain a tidy workplace.

We disagree!

It is the staff’s and the office cleaner’s job to keep the office clean.

Why Your Staff Should Clean up?

The office staff is the top source of a messy workplace, so even when your business has hired office cleaners, staff should clean up after themselves. Here is why.

It Gives a Sense of Ownership

Office cleaners indeed have a job. They may be required to wipe your desk or wash the dishes, but your leftover food and organising your essential documents is your responsibility. And most importantly, it is your workplace.

When the staff cleans up after themselves, it gives them more ownership of their workplace (and ownership of their actions as well).

The result?

A cleaner workplace. 

A Clean Space is a More Productive One

Cluttered desks, rotting food leftover and a smelly desk.

Certainly not a place where you would want to work. 

According to research, a clean workplace is a more productive one. A clear desk is often synonymous with a clear mind.

And it is not just your desk. With a clean workplace, there are fewer distractions and improved concentration, reflecting in improved staff productivity.

Reduces Stress

When you have a clean workplace, there is a reduced risk of losing important documents and associated panic attacks.

Moreover, with improved concentration and better focus, you can complete your work-related tasks on time.

Something that can surely add towards reducing stress.

And It is Even More Important During the Pandemic

While the staff should clean up after themselves in every situation, it is even more important during the pandemic. Keeping the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, there is no reason why the staff shouldn't clean up after themselves. Even with cleaning staff at your office facility, all employees should make an effort to reduce human contact and contribute towards reducing the spread of the disease.

Keeping Your Workplace Tidy

Your office cleaners and staff may be keeping your workplace clean. But amidst the pandemic, disinfecting your workplace is equally important. To find out more about office cleaning and disinfecting services, contact now.